Friday, April 28, 2006 Design Award Winner

After years of browsing checking out the best websites on the internet for inspiration and examples of great design, my site has been added to their list. It can be found in Newest Sites, Services, Personal, Non-Flash, and CSS&DHTML. I am blown away right now with all of the accolades this sites is getting.



Hello, my name is Catapreta, i'm a brazilian designer and artist. Your portifolio-site is beautiful. Cool and nice. I like to show you my personal links: and


Hacentype said...

Hi Chris, am Hacen from forum, just passed to see the forum today then i read your input about naming your site as one of the CoolHomePages, and.. when i came to see your site i was surprised to see this wonderful design achievement, really it's worthy of admiration.. The way you built your site and the images concerning the sections are marvellous... just keep on this way. May your life-design-love-ride be shiny and colorful as your amazing art touches. Congratulations.

Unknown said...

Well done.